Seven Cool Reasons Why The Girls Just Love Vamp’s Bistro!

Seven Cool Reasons Why The Girls Just Love Vamp’s Bistro!

Tucked away in a nook close to the suave Elizabeth Quay locale, Vamp’s Bistro spoils the girls with fantastic options to kick up their heels and let their hair down. If you girls just wanna have fun, let us show you how:

  1. Stay Golden with High Tea

High tea at Vamp’s Bistro is exquisite, with Mediterranean flavoured bites and nibbles that tantalize your senses. Relax with a Darjeeling or be bold with a cup of spiced Chai. Take a peek at our bar menu that is full of surprises. And if you are a whiskey girl, we say why not!

high tea

  1. Relax by our Private Poolside

You and your favourite girls will be charmed with our poolside dining experience which offers stunning views of the magical Elizabeth Quay in relative privacy. Our poolside food bar will be sure to cook up a storm for you! And the live band will add to your enjoyment with thrilling Jazz numbers.

  1. Cheese Tasting at our Vintage Bar

Cheese and wine – explore this match made in heaven with our vintage bar that offers a great wine collection from as far back as the last century. And some awesome cheese to go with it. Don’t worry if you are a novice just tell us your palate, and give us a chance to delight.

  1. Wednesdays are Special

Wednesday nights are karaoke night – Come sing along or take the stage! We host some interesting party games and needless to say there are prizes for the lucky winners. Most drinks are on special and the lavish buffet spread is extensive. It’s a loot with all the discounts we offer!


  1. Girls’ Afternoon Picnic Style Lunches

Just come along for the afternoon picnic style luncheon by the Quay. As we unload trays bursting with mouth-watering delicacies, keep the conversation going while you snack on some chocolate shortbread, or cute little cupcakes with goat cheese frosting… perhaps some mini pretzels? Or divine English muffins, a plate of fresh egg salad, or falafel with exotic beetroot and hummus dips. Maybe some stuffed mushrooms! Or simply some grilled tomatoes, or a crisp bruschetta… the choices are quite literally endless! If you prefer the usual foods we have during events, you can also request them.

  1. Vamp’s Dumpling Box

We have discovered the world’s greatest fast food that is both nutritious and delectable. Vamp’s dumpling box is a collection of the choicest dumplings from across the globe – Polynesian, Nepalese, Japanese, Chinese and even Russian. And we serve them in a beautiful bamboo box that is easy to take away and that will definitely open up a world of possibilities!

  1. Ooh la la Pâtisserie

Try our fine baker’s confectionaries and be smitten by the wholesome pies, lemony tarts, light and fluffy brioches, croissants, cinnamon flavoured Danish pastries and puff pastries we offer. Indulge your taste buds in the sauces we serve like the compellingly sweet honey sauce or the tangy raspberry sauce. To top it all up, we have some exotically concocted rare chocolate liqueur, ageing to perfection and tucked away in a little mystery chest, just waiting for your special order.


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