Our partnership with Buffet Delivery experts in Singapore

Buffet Delivery Experts Partnership

Why Vamps Bistro is looking for Partnerships

Dear loyal customers, Vamps Bistro is always looking to expand our staff, capabilities as well as our food offerings. We have received lots of notice that the food we prepare is good, however the feedback that we most often get is that whenever we host events back in our own area, the food is often not enough. Perhaps it is because our food is so delicious that everyone wants a seconds or thirds? I sure hope this is the case! Anyway, we have decided to start looking towards more professional catering methods whenever any of you come over to our restaurant for your events. In this case, I managed to source a local contact, my good friend Mike, who I have kept in contact for a very long time. Mike introduced me to Buffet Delivery superstar QQ Catering, that also provides buffet spreads for all occasions. It is with deep hope that this partnership will be able to present us with a better opportunity to better serve you, our loyal customers.

By the way, Vamps Bistro will be renovating early next month – so do not be afraid if you see our beloved restaurant closed during normal working hours – we will be back as soon as possible (possibly in a month’s time)

Foods for the buffet delivery

You can see that usual buffet delivery in Singapore is skewed towards providing cheap, affordable chinese food variants to the public. In this case, since Vamps Bistro is more of an Australian grill, we would pose an edge when we start offering our food wholesale. However, it’s hard to ensure that the food that we produce is good and of high quality when it is mass market and made! This is why I managed to speak with the guys at QQ to learn more about the ways that they provide buffet catering services.

Similar to a restaurant like us, QQ Catering also offers different kinds of food that adapts to the festive seasons and also has different styles of buffets for each of their customers depending on the offers available. It seems that their buffet delivery menu is extremely extensive, and their R&D efforts in creating new menus and new foods very large. This is actually one of their strategies, as they have taught us, in order to attract the crowds in Singapore that would like to have food at their events. Their food tat is being prepared is properly cooked by the same chefs, and overseen by a head chef at their own central kitchens. Their logistics and operations are also smoothly run and they have included different standard operating procedures to ensure that the food is the best.

I’m sure many of you have encountered the horrible operations practices of mass food companies. However, it seems that QQ has gained lots of satisfaction, being always on time and providing the best buffet delivery spreads that their customers have ever tasted. We have to learn from them in order to also allow our customers to feel special and ‘catered’ for at their events with us.

Chicken fried menu

Picture taken from QQ Catering website. You can find it here at www.qqcatering.sg

After all, who can resist a chunk of chicken that looks like this, anyway? I’m already getting hungry. We definitely have to improve ourselves if we want to get to that level of food business.

See you guys when Vamps Bistro re-opens! I look forward to singing Karaoke with you guys on Wednesday nights and having happy hour shots with everyone, once again!

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