Indulge in a Healthy Fast Food Fix at Vamp’s Bistro

Indulge in a Healthy Fast Food Fix at Vamp’s Bistro

These days, people seem to be crammed into tight schedules that leave them with very little free time to indulge in preparing food and exploring kitchen skills. More and more people turn to a practice often frowned-down-upon by their doctors or dieticians – ordering high calorie, fast food on the fly. Though realities of our world may tell us that there is no escaping ‘take-away’ food, we, at Vamp’s Bistro, believe that a healthy fast food fix is a real thing.

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“The main worry with takeaway food is the serve size and nutritional quality. Serve sizes are usually much larger than what would customarily be eaten at home and the dishes themselves are often more calorie-laden and higher in sodium [content].” says Dr Alan Barclay of the Dietitians Association of Australia. We sent out a small survey to doctors around Singapore and they voiced a similar concern. “Meals should ideally be sized to 500 calories or less” they said. Ok point taken. Others quipped “Fast food meals are mostly loaded with calories, sugar, sodium, and fat.” And we knew what they were talking about. The American Heart Association recommends that people eat no more than 1,500 mg of sodium a day. Suggestions poured in about “the importance of roughage rich salads and protein in the diet.”

Problems of Fast Food in our Menu

So we set ourselves up to tackle two problems: (1) Create a menu that is fresh and appealing; (2) Add elements that make meals whole and healthy. Take our Spicy Lamb Stew for example, with which we serve a side of lightly braised walnuts. That adds to both the texture and nutritional value of the dish. Our Greek Salmon is charcoal grilled and the Tzatziki sauce that goes with it is made using fresh avocadoes, yogurt, garlic and cucumber. We also experimented with making the appetizers more wholesome. Like our Egg Salad is made more substantial with exquisite greens, sensational Stuffed Button Mushrooms are tweaked and Falafels with Authentic Hummus are complemented with an original, outstanding creation – a Beetroot Dip! Desserts too were finely, carefully investigated for their balance. Apple pies spiced with cinnamon and baked to perfection that taste like grandma’s cooking and pastries that are just the right and delightful amount of ‘sweet’ – these are our pried preparations that you can enjoy, guilt free.

Which brings us to the drinks. Yet again, we have a range of healthy stuff. Soft green tea and herbal lemon & honey tea go well with all dishes and are great for your overall wellbeing. Need we even mention our fresh fruit juices (minus sugar) here? Even alcoholic beverages like Vodka – reduces stress, Wine – promotes longevity of life, Beers – enhance immunity; Beer contains flowers called ‘Hops’ for brewing and these flowers are antimicrobial and are used by the body to fight diseases, Whiskey – helps with weight loss as it has no fat, and very little sodium.

The key to a good diet, however, is moderation. Strike the right balance, trust your judgement when it comes to your health. And we’re ready for you with the healthiest menu in town.

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