If Your Week Starts on Thursday, it Ends with a Bang on Wednesday at Vamp’s Bistro

If Your Week Starts on Thursday, it Ends with a Bang on Wednesday at Vamp’s Bistro

What we, at Vamp’s Bistro, are recommending, may seem too farfetched at first. But it will be easy to reap yet unknown benefits if you just follow our radical lifehack. Without further ado, here it is – Make a shift to your lifestyle by rejigging Thursday to be the first day of your week. That’s it! Then enjoy a mid-week recess on Saturday and Sunday, and arrive at Wednesday all prepped to relax. Have a fun work week that is more productive and have an exciting weekend.

Here are some undeniably compelling reasons to try our suggestion:

  1. Release yourself from the cycle

Break free from the cycle of a Monday to Sunday week, and get creative. Starting your week on a Thursday can take the pressure off of Monday, the most dreaded day of the week.

  1. Reduce the stress

Change your perspective. Look at it this way, you always work the hardest on a Monday, and we are only asking that you work hard on a Thursday and a Friday instead. Take a crack at it, watch all that free time emerge from nowhere.

  1. Treat yourself to the best weekend break on Wednesday at Vamps Bistro

karaoke night

Vamp’s Bistro hosts karaoke on Wednesdays and it’s the rage. The ambience is reenergizing- strobe lights, smoke and disco balls. We have included chart-topping, upbeat and foot-tapping numbers that will have your heart racing, as you sing along or take the stage by storm. The acoustics are great. We’ve ensured there is no dull moment, and our snazzy DJ Ken who is high on “spinnergy”, with his groovy band ‘Vanilla Scoop’ will entertain you with mesmerising music. Pick your meal from our tantalizing Mediterranean buffet spread that includes hearty wholesome dishes and light and tempting bites and nibbles. Snack and sing. Dine and listen. The choices are endless. The ‘happy hours’ are long, that offer unseen-before discounts on delicious cocktails and drinks. Not convinced yet? Our thrilling party games will draw you out of your comfort zone, just a little bit. Get to socialize and show off your talents as it’ll all be well worth the effort. Play to win with a monthly raffle exclusive to our Wednesday patrons. We give away the latest iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 7!

  1. Spread some Cheers!

Wednesday night is one to savour your alcohol. We’ll cater to whatever you need to wash that stress away. A stiff on-the-rocks Double, an old-fashioned Bourbon or a classic 007 Martini. Or maybe a tower of German Weissbier for the team!



They say changing your scene helps you unwind. But the maddening weekend frenzy in Singapore drives us crazy with crowded bars, restaurant waiting times and taxi lines …so much so that at times you prefer to stay grounded at home with microwaved pizza and beer from 7/11. This is exactly why we have engineered our special Wednesdays so you never skip the party. And you could still delight in the joy of Saturday night HBO.

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