About the Bistro

Vamps Bistro is started by Lindsey Fong, and her family. Lindsey was born in Australia to an Australian Father and a Singaporean Mother. She decided to move to Singapore to pursue her dreams in music and dance. At the same time, she is the proprietress of this establishment, acting as the Manager of the location.

In the kitchen, she is backed by her father, Arnold who puts his culinary skills to the test. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality and food industry, Arnold can cook up a storm and knows the pairings of alcohol and wine by heart, due to a short stint as a wine sommelier. There’s a saying that head chef Arnold never disappoints, and he is sure to keep this saying going for as long as he lives.

Vamps Bistro originally existed in Australia. However, the franchise was given to Lindsey, who wishes to continue it in Singapore. Vamps Bistro is now no way related to the one in Paddington, Australia.

old paddington restaurant