If Your Week Starts on Thursday, it Ends with a Bang on Wednesday at Vamp’s Bistro

If Your Week Starts on Thursday, it Ends with a Bang on Wednesday at Vamp’s Bistro

What we, at Vamp’s Bistro, are recommending, may seem too farfetched at first. But it will be easy to reap yet unknown benefits if you just follow our radical lifehack. Without further ado, here it is – Make a shift to your lifestyle by rejigging Thursday to be the first day of your week. That’s it! Then enjoy a mid-week recess on Saturday and Sunday, and arrive at Wednesday all prepped to relax. Have a fun work week that is more productive and have an exciting weekend.

Here are some undeniably compelling reasons to try our suggestion:

  1. Release yourself from the cycle

Break free from the cycle of a Monday to Sunday week, and get creative. Starting your week on a Thursday can take the pressure off of Monday, the most dreaded day of the week.

  1. Reduce the stress

Change your perspective. Look at it this way, you always work the hardest on a Monday, and we are only asking that you work hard on a Thursday and a Friday instead. Take a crack at it, watch all that free time emerge from nowhere.

  1. Treat yourself to the best weekend break on Wednesday at Vamps Bistro

karaoke night

Vamp’s Bistro hosts karaoke on Wednesdays and it’s the rage. The ambience is reenergizing- strobe lights, smoke and disco balls. We have included chart-topping, upbeat and foot-tapping numbers that will have your heart racing, as you sing along or take the stage by storm. The acoustics are great. We’ve ensured there is no dull moment, and our snazzy DJ Ken who is high on “spinnergy”, with his groovy band ‘Vanilla Scoop’ will entertain you with mesmerising music. Pick your meal from our tantalizing Mediterranean buffet spread that includes hearty wholesome dishes and light and tempting bites and nibbles. Snack and sing. Dine and listen. The choices are endless. The ‘happy hours’ are long, that offer unseen-before discounts on delicious cocktails and drinks. Not convinced yet? Our thrilling party games will draw you out of your comfort zone, just a little bit. Get to socialize and show off your talents as it’ll all be well worth the effort. Play to win with a monthly raffle exclusive to our Wednesday patrons. We give away the latest iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 7!

  1. Spread some Cheers!

Wednesday night is one to savour your alcohol. We’ll cater to whatever you need to wash that stress away. A stiff on-the-rocks Double, an old-fashioned Bourbon or a classic 007 Martini. Or maybe a tower of German Weissbier for the team!



They say changing your scene helps you unwind. But the maddening weekend frenzy in Singapore drives us crazy with crowded bars, restaurant waiting times and taxi lines …so much so that at times you prefer to stay grounded at home with microwaved pizza and beer from 7/11. This is exactly why we have engineered our special Wednesdays so you never skip the party. And you could still delight in the joy of Saturday night HBO.

Indulge in a Healthy Fast Food Fix at Vamp’s Bistro

Indulge in a Healthy Fast Food Fix at Vamp’s Bistro

These days, people seem to be crammed into tight schedules that leave them with very little free time to indulge in preparing food and exploring kitchen skills. More and more people turn to a practice often frowned-down-upon by their doctors or dieticians – ordering high calorie, fast food on the fly. Though realities of our world may tell us that there is no escaping ‘take-away’ food, we, at Vamp’s Bistro, believe that a healthy fast food fix is a real thing.

fast food burger

“The main worry with takeaway food is the serve size and nutritional quality. Serve sizes are usually much larger than what would customarily be eaten at home and the dishes themselves are often more calorie-laden and higher in sodium [content].” says Dr Alan Barclay of the Dietitians Association of Australia. We sent out a small survey to doctors around Singapore and they voiced a similar concern. “Meals should ideally be sized to 500 calories or less” they said. Ok point taken. Others quipped “Fast food meals are mostly loaded with calories, sugar, sodium, and fat.” And we knew what they were talking about. The American Heart Association recommends that people eat no more than 1,500 mg of sodium a day. Suggestions poured in about “the importance of roughage rich salads and protein in the diet.”

Problems of Fast Food in our Menu

So we set ourselves up to tackle two problems: (1) Create a menu that is fresh and appealing; (2) Add elements that make meals whole and healthy. Take our Spicy Lamb Stew for example, with which we serve a side of lightly braised walnuts. That adds to both the texture and nutritional value of the dish. Our Greek Salmon is charcoal grilled and the Tzatziki sauce that goes with it is made using fresh avocadoes, yogurt, garlic and cucumber. We also experimented with making the appetizers more wholesome. Like our Egg Salad is made more substantial with exquisite greens, sensational Stuffed Button Mushrooms are tweaked and Falafels with Authentic Hummus are complemented with an original, outstanding creation – a Beetroot Dip! Desserts too were finely, carefully investigated for their balance. Apple pies spiced with cinnamon and baked to perfection that taste like grandma’s cooking and pastries that are just the right and delightful amount of ‘sweet’ – these are our pried preparations that you can enjoy, guilt free.

Which brings us to the drinks. Yet again, we have a range of healthy stuff. Soft green tea and herbal lemon & honey tea go well with all dishes and are great for your overall wellbeing. Need we even mention our fresh fruit juices (minus sugar) here? Even alcoholic beverages like Vodka – reduces stress, Wine – promotes longevity of life, Beers – enhance immunity; Beer contains flowers called ‘Hops’ for brewing and these flowers are antimicrobial and are used by the body to fight diseases, Whiskey – helps with weight loss as it has no fat, and very little sodium.

The key to a good diet, however, is moderation. Strike the right balance, trust your judgement when it comes to your health. And we’re ready for you with the healthiest menu in town.

Make Your Own Cocktail at Vamp’s Bistro This Summer

Make Your Own Cocktail at Vamp’s Bistro This Summer

cocktail 2

Need an expertly blended and tasty cocktail to quench your thirst this summer? Want to learn how in an easy and fun way? Our bar is open and we have the mixology experts and the finest ingredients to help you make great cocktails!

The ‘how’ is easy – Arrive at Vamp’s Bistro and choose to ‘Make your Own Cocktail’ from the bar menu. As simple as that and you are good to go! Just be prepared to get your hands (and drinks) dirty…

Try out these tantalizing classic recipes, and add your own wild touches wherever you please. Or ask us…Vamp’s Bistro has unlimited recipes that you can recreate. We’ll give you the cocktails deconstructed – the elements and the apparatus. If you are more of a wine person, you can also mix some of that spirit into the cocktails you make.

cocktail selection

Cocktail Recipes in a Nutshell

  1. Daiquiri: Easy-peasy with the barest of ingredients. This is your classic Hemingway-approved daiquiri. White rum, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar is all you need. Rum has an exotic tropical-fruit flavour and an earthy note which is enhanced by the acidity of lime and sweetness of sugar.
  2. Gimlet: With a choice of gin or vodka and Rose’s lime juice or freshly squeezed lime juice, this smooth, dry and crisp beauty asks for a lot of big decisions at cocktail hour! Gin is light with the taste of junipers, and vodka offers a strong punch.
  3. Cool Cucumber: Blend cucumber with apple cider and delicious cranberry juice. And add gin for a very cool cucumber concoction! Light and refreshing, this is a tempting cocktail.
  4. Fizzy Lizzy: Add black raspberry liqueur with its sweet and sour notes to tequila and orange cognac blend for a mind-blowing cocktail that is both gentle and adventurous at the same time. Garnish the drink with fresh raspberries and raspberry sugar for an out-of-this-world impact.
  5. Taste of the Tropics: Think tropical with this frozen cocktail. The lovely nutty taste of coconut, rum and pineapple is combined in the right proportion for a sensational and appealing fruity drink.
  6. Mint Julep: Worthy of the Kentucky gentry, this drink, is refreshing and elegant. With the syrupy texture of bourbon that settles warmly. And a heavenly taste of mint that is summer’s respite.
  7. Gilligan’s Delight: Bold and daring, this drink combines bourbon with ginger-infused apple cider for a robust fruity twist.
  8. Frozen Water-berry Batida: This exotic cocktail tops the cachaça, a distilled spirit made from fresh sugarcane juice, with strawberries and watermelon, for a fresh and summery drink.
  9. Sex on the Beach: Combine the zingy cranberry juice and citrusy orange juice with some vodka and peach schnapps, and add lots and lots of ice to the mix. This drink tops the list for the most delicious cocktails.
  10. Mojito: Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. Mint sprigs are muddled with sugar and lime juice. Rum is added and the glass is topped with soda water. The drink is garnished with a sprig of mint leaves.

cocktail 3

Our partnership with Buffet Delivery experts in Singapore

Buffet Delivery Experts Partnership

Why Vamps Bistro is looking for Partnerships

Dear loyal customers, Vamps Bistro is always looking to expand our staff, capabilities as well as our food offerings. We have received lots of notice that the food we prepare is good, however the feedback that we most often get is that whenever we host events back in our own area, the food is often not enough. Perhaps it is because our food is so delicious that everyone wants a seconds or thirds? I sure hope this is the case! Anyway, we have decided to start looking towards more professional catering methods whenever any of you come over to our restaurant for your events. In this case, I managed to source a local contact, my good friend Mike, who I have kept in contact for a very long time. Mike introduced me to Buffet Delivery superstar QQ Catering, that also provides buffet spreads for all occasions. It is with deep hope that this partnership will be able to present us with a better opportunity to better serve you, our loyal customers.

By the way, Vamps Bistro will be renovating early next month – so do not be afraid if you see our beloved restaurant closed during normal working hours – we will be back as soon as possible (possibly in a month’s time)

Foods for the buffet delivery

You can see that usual buffet delivery in Singapore is skewed towards providing cheap, affordable chinese food variants to the public. In this case, since Vamps Bistro is more of an Australian grill, we would pose an edge when we start offering our food wholesale. However, it’s hard to ensure that the food that we produce is good and of high quality when it is mass market and made! This is why I managed to speak with the guys at QQ to learn more about the ways that they provide buffet catering services.

Similar to a restaurant like us, QQ Catering also offers different kinds of food that adapts to the festive seasons and also has different styles of buffets for each of their customers depending on the offers available. It seems that their buffet delivery menu is extremely extensive, and their R&D efforts in creating new menus and new foods very large. This is actually one of their strategies, as they have taught us, in order to attract the crowds in Singapore that would like to have food at their events. Their food tat is being prepared is properly cooked by the same chefs, and overseen by a head chef at their own central kitchens. Their logistics and operations are also smoothly run and they have included different standard operating procedures to ensure that the food is the best.

I’m sure many of you have encountered the horrible operations practices of mass food companies. However, it seems that QQ has gained lots of satisfaction, being always on time and providing the best buffet delivery spreads that their customers have ever tasted. We have to learn from them in order to also allow our customers to feel special and ‘catered’ for at their events with us.

Chicken fried menu

Picture taken from QQ Catering website. You can find it here at www.qqcatering.sg

After all, who can resist a chunk of chicken that looks like this, anyway? I’m already getting hungry. We definitely have to improve ourselves if we want to get to that level of food business.

See you guys when Vamps Bistro re-opens! I look forward to singing Karaoke with you guys on Wednesday nights and having happy hour shots with everyone, once again!

Vamp’s Bistro Reveals How to Pair Mediterranean Cuisine with Wine

Vamp’s Bistro Reveals How to Pair Mediterranean Cuisine with Wine

Our sommelier says, that wine is better than food! Well, he is biased. But it was not difficult to coax him into telling us the tricks that make pairing wine with food relatively easy. Otherwise, you can use some wine apps that teach you how to do so. However, moving on…

It is, indeed, about balance. We want wine that compliments the food and food that compliments the wine. Remarkably, when food and wine do not overpower or mask each other’s unique character and flavour, a balance is achieved, then the wine actually enhances the meal. When you are pairing wine with food, it is a good idea to know the wines from the region. Usually wine is made to match the food from the same region.

Pro tip: Younger wines are more acidic and acidity in the wine softens with age.

Here are five fantastic Mediterranean style dishes that are hot-selling at Vamp’s Bistro, and some wine recommendations that go well with them.

  1. Moroccan Baked Chicken with Goat Cheese


A mouth-watering dish of baked chicken fillets stuffed with goat cheese and infused with blended Moroccan spices. Then lightly garnished with Kalamata olives and caramelized mushrooms. This dish is earthy and fragrant. A lively and exciting bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for the white wine lovers or an aromatic and vibrant red Pinot Noir, preferably German, will nicely accentuate the taste of this dish.

  1. Milanese Ossobuco with Buttered Peas

Our Ossobuco is something else! Succulent cross-cut veal shanks are braised with vegetables, white wine and broth and served with a side of melt-in-your-mouth buttered peas. A full bodied and dry Chianti aged in oak or an earthy Barolo with aromas of roses and liquorice bound and a firm tannin, will go wonderfully with this exotic dish. Women especially love this dish, as it provides many female-improving properties.

  1. Roasted Butternut Squash with Griddled Chicken

This dish brings memories of fall right to the dinner table. Simply roasted butternut squash which is lightly coated with butter and brown sugar. Accompanied by griddled chicken sprinkled with quinoa. Our sommelier has picked Chardonnay with opulent honeyed peach flavours and a beguiling texture that lingers on the palate, sourced from California or South America and preferably not fermented in oak to go with this dish. A fruity Cabernet will go just as well.

  1. Greek Salmon with Avocado Tzatziki Sauce

    greek salmon

This delightful charcoal grilled salmon dish is bursting with Mediterranean flavours. The cool and tangy avocado tzatziki sauce with cucumber, garlic, avocado and Greek yogurt complements the rich notes. Try a Riesling wine, with its signature pale straw colour, a palate that exhibits lemon and grapefruit, flavours matched by some fresh and racy acidity. It pairs fantastically with this savoury dish. Or try a nice bottle of crisp Chablis. Chablis is lean and beautifully balanced with a steely acidity that cleans the palate and is just so food-friendly.

  1. Spicy Lamb Stew with Walnuts

    spicy lamb stew

Plaited lamb is slow cooked in stock and spices such as cumin, paprika, and cardamom for a delicious and aromatic meal. Sea salt adds another dimension. And the crunchy walnuts complete this winter warming dish. The dusty, dry and earthy notes of the Grenache wine go superbly with the spiciness of the lamb, or try the white Gewürztraminer with an effervescent and floral bouquet. We hope to put this into our buffet catering menus as well!

Seven Cool Reasons Why The Girls Just Love Vamp’s Bistro!

Seven Cool Reasons Why The Girls Just Love Vamp’s Bistro!

Tucked away in a nook close to the suave Elizabeth Quay locale, Vamp’s Bistro spoils the girls with fantastic options to kick up their heels and let their hair down. If you girls just wanna have fun, let us show you how:

  1. Stay Golden with High Tea

High tea at Vamp’s Bistro is exquisite, with Mediterranean flavoured bites and nibbles that tantalize your senses. Relax with a Darjeeling or be bold with a cup of spiced Chai. Take a peek at our bar menu that is full of surprises. And if you are a whiskey girl, we say why not!

high tea

  1. Relax by our Private Poolside

You and your favourite girls will be charmed with our poolside dining experience which offers stunning views of the magical Elizabeth Quay in relative privacy. Our poolside food bar will be sure to cook up a storm for you! And the live band will add to your enjoyment with thrilling Jazz numbers.

  1. Cheese Tasting at our Vintage Bar

Cheese and wine – explore this match made in heaven with our vintage bar that offers a great wine collection from as far back as the last century. And some awesome cheese to go with it. Don’t worry if you are a novice just tell us your palate, and give us a chance to delight.

  1. Wednesdays are Special

Wednesday nights are karaoke night – Come sing along or take the stage! We host some interesting party games and needless to say there are prizes for the lucky winners. Most drinks are on special and the lavish buffet spread is extensive. It’s a loot with all the discounts we offer!


  1. Girls’ Afternoon Picnic Style Lunches

Just come along for the afternoon picnic style luncheon by the Quay. As we unload trays bursting with mouth-watering delicacies, keep the conversation going while you snack on some chocolate shortbread, or cute little cupcakes with goat cheese frosting… perhaps some mini pretzels? Or divine English muffins, a plate of fresh egg salad, or falafel with exotic beetroot and hummus dips. Maybe some stuffed mushrooms! Or simply some grilled tomatoes, or a crisp bruschetta… the choices are quite literally endless! If you prefer the usual foods we have during events, you can also request them.

  1. Vamp’s Dumpling Box

We have discovered the world’s greatest fast food that is both nutritious and delectable. Vamp’s dumpling box is a collection of the choicest dumplings from across the globe – Polynesian, Nepalese, Japanese, Chinese and even Russian. And we serve them in a beautiful bamboo box that is easy to take away and that will definitely open up a world of possibilities!

  1. Ooh la la Pâtisserie

Try our fine baker’s confectionaries and be smitten by the wholesome pies, lemony tarts, light and fluffy brioches, croissants, cinnamon flavoured Danish pastries and puff pastries we offer. Indulge your taste buds in the sauces we serve like the compellingly sweet honey sauce or the tangy raspberry sauce. To top it all up, we have some exotically concocted rare chocolate liqueur, ageing to perfection and tucked away in a little mystery chest, just waiting for your special order.


Vamp’s Bistro Debunks Wine Myths

Vamp’s Bistro Debunks Wine Myths

As more and more people join our Wine Lovers’ Club some fantastic myths surrounding wine and wine drinking re-emerge. It is not surprising that many of them are false. Just a few days back, for example, we had a client ask us “if the better wines we served were always sealed with a cork?” Of course not, we urgently clarified. But this piqued our interest and we decided to investigate some common myths for everyone’s benefit. On the way we discovered some truths that may surprise you:

Wine Myths

It is never a good idea to believe everything you hear and if in doubt, the internet is a great place to start with research on some basic information. The above video for example, ‘Wine Myths’ by The Art of Manliness, sheds light on the misinformation rampant in the market. ‘Smelling the cork tells you if the wine is bad’ is a classic myth (as common sense would tell). It is vital though, just as a precautionary measure, to inspect the cork when it is offered to check if the winery’s name, logo, or other branding information appear on the cork. Or if the cork has been damaged, compromised or has allowed seepage in any way. “The thicker the legs, the better the wine” is another one we hear often, and is nicely dispelled by the sommelier. The ‘legs’ or ‘arches’ that you see on the wine glass are mostly glycerol from the wine that, because of their viscosity, go back to the bottom of the glass slower than the other components and thickly adhere to the surface of glass. This very concept is utilized in making snow fall slower in snow globes by the addition of glycerol!

The Wikipedia article (link details below), offers a detailed explanation of the scientific process behind the formation of ‘legs’ on a wine glass.


One myth not covered in the video is that “Red wines cause more headaches than white wines due to the higher sulphite content”. Sulphites (sulphur dioxide) can also be found as preservative in many food items that we consume. Contrary to popular belief sulphites do not cause headaches. And red wines have lesser sulphite added to them than white wines since their grape skins already have a natural preservative. More sulphites are added to the white wines with lower alcohol content to prevent oxidation. As for the headache, dehydration appears to be the primary cause! By the way, Mediterranean food uses a lot of grapes and additional flavourings that go well with wine.

It is also important to note the fallacy of “Keep the bottle open to let the wine breathe” notion. Uncorking a bottle of wine and letting it sit is surely the worst way to treat your wine as this aerating method is grossly ineffective. The narrow bottleneck prevents the air from opening up the wine. Use a decanter to aerate the wine. Or simply pour your wine into a glass and let it open up slowly there. Allowing a wine to breathe is generally only necessary for those wines that need further aging. Breathing allows the wine to be exposed to air and to soften the tannins. By the way, we also serve wine whenever you come over to one of our events, together with the food at the event.